Is Your Service a Share Ride Blue Van Service?

Is Your Service a Share Ride Blue Van Service?
No! We are a direct, door to door black car service. We work for YOU.
Most travelers believe that the most economical way to get to or from the airport is by booking a share ride airport van service. However, when you factor in all the “catches” of using a share-ride service, you will quickly realize that it is not economical (or quick) at all!
1. Share Ride services charge per person. Direct Ride services charge per vehicle. This means, that if you are traveling with your spouse, or family, each person must have a fare ticket to board anairport shuttle van service. A direct ride service (such as All Pro Limousines) has a flat fee per vehicle. There are NO extra add-on’s for children, spouses, or additional travelers!
2. Time is money! The name Share Ride explains this point very well. When you book an airport van service, you will be waiting for/picking up other passengers on your way from/to the airport. Isn’t it kind of creepy to have complete strangers know where you live?! Time is a valuable thing. What should’ve been a 30 minute ride home, turns into a 2-3 hour ride home, because you are the last stop on the route, and have to drop off 6 other passengers. The name Shuttle is slightly deceiving, don’t you agree? Booking a direct ride service means that you will be picked up at a calculated time to get to the airport on time. There are no additional stops. If you’re 30 minutes from the airport, then you will be at the airport in 30 minutes. Time IS money.
3. You get what you pay for. This one is simple. Share ride vans are generally equipped with vinyl seats, stuffy air, and strangers breathing down your neck. The driver in the stained polo shirt may say Hello to you. Vans are only washed and maintained before a routine inspection.  Direct ride services will transfer you in a black luxury vehicle, with leather seats and comfort galore. Drivers for direct car services wear a black suit and tie, carry your luggage, and are accommodating to your individual needs throughout the entire transfer.
4. You are appreciated as a client with direct service companies. You are just a number (a fare ticket) to the share ride company. You are a valued client to a direct ride service company. Call a share ride company to book again, and after being rerouted to several reservation agencies, they will find your file to re-book. Call a direct ride service, and they will not only remember you by name, but they will remember that funny story you told them about your sisters’ friends’ neighbors’ kids’ dog. The level of professionalism with a direct ride service is FIVE STAR
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